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Mobile Power Pack (Power bank).

APC M10 Dual USB 10000mAh Mobile Power Pack (M10BK-EC)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 APC is one of electrical giant Schneider Electric's brands aimed at the general public, and the Mobile Power Pack is one of its most useful mobile accessories. A small, squat, glossy plastic rectangle, the Mobile Power Pack is pretty simple — a bunch of battery cells hidden away inside, a pair of USB ports on the end.

APC actually offers the Mobile Power Pack in 10000mAh black and white colors. You get a short microUSB cable in the box, which you can use for charging off any standard USB wall charger or your desktop PC or laptop, but it's the Power Pack's dual USB power outputs that are of most importance.

As well as a 5V 1A USB power jack, good enough for a small-screen smartphone or any iPhone older than the 6 Plus, you also get a 5V 2.4A jack — enough for even the gutiest, most power-hungry tablet out there. Charging is done at 5V 1.5A max, which will be roughly in line with what any newish computer or smartphone wall charger can output.

What Is It?

Mobile Power Pack is one of its most useful mobile accessories. A small, glossy, squat, plastic rectangle, the Mobile Power Pack is pretty simple — a bunch of battery cells hidden away inside, a pair of USB ports on the end.


What's It Good At?

10000mAh of battery power is so much to have on tap. It's great. I can charge my gutsy Galaxy Note 4 two full times before the APC pack falls to one bar of energy remaining and I start being a little more cautious with how I use it. It has enough power to completely top up an iPad Air 2 or even (most of) my Galaxy NotePRO's massive 9500mAh.


What's It Not Good At?

The 10000mAh unit especially is a little bulky. It's not that it's especially thick or heavy (270g, 13mm), but it's quite tall and wide (146x88mm) — like a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on some serious androids. This won't matter one iota if you're putting it in a large backpack or planet-sized handbag, but it won't fit in a smaller clutch.


Should You Buy It?

Do you need a power pack for your phone? Well, yeah, you need to buy. He had many advantages, those things zap through so much energy these days that you're lucky to get a full day of use out of one, and keeping a spare power pack in your backpack or purse is a good idea. It helps, too, that the APC Mobile Power Pack range does exactly what it says.



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If you're travelling, too, including a power pack in your luggage or carry-on is a fantastic idea. If you're a long-distance commuter or a frequent traveller you need this. I can't tell you how many times a power pack has been the difference between an international flight full of movies and games and one spent looking off into the boring distance. APC's two power packs are both excellent for breathing extra life into your tired old smartphone battery, and come in incredibly handy in the middle of a busy day when you don't have the time to stay chained to a desk or to a power point. You're also paying for the peace of mind that the APC and Schneider Electric brand names bring with them.

Very good!

Very good! I receive this power bank and very happy!!!!!!!

Tim Novak

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Hello i have receive APC M10 Dual USB 10000mAh 5 hours ago by post. Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Santim

really good job

“I just wanted to buy a APC M10 Dual USB 10000mAh and let you know that you guys do a really good job. It’s so simple. Thanks, guys!”



Thank you so much…I am happy to have your APC M10 Dual USB 10000mAh.

Connie - Durham, NC

simply outstanding

“I just wanted to say thank you and let you know how amazing your crew was. I was very impressed by how hardworking and extremely professional they were.I usually dont do this but I feel the Mobile Power Pack I received that day was simply outstanding. Feel free to use my name as a reference.”

Nora Harris (2/6/2017)

this power bank

I’ve used this power bank several times now. I charge it easily overnight and it will hold several charges for my iPhone. Lights are helpful to see how much energy is left inside. Only complaint is that the ON/OFF button seems to be easily depressed while it’s in my pocket or purse while I am out & about. I’ve thought that my phone was charging in my pocket and looked down to see that somehow I had turned the charger off. I’ve also found the charger turned on inside my purse without me knowingly pressing any buttons. In summary, I would buy it again. Seems to be reliable & works well.

K. Galiano Italy